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We will need title, subtitle, author’s name, and book summary.

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The source file is the editable Photoshop file in the PSD format and this allows you to make corrections on the book cover by yourself, or to make it easier for future edits for other designers.

Yes, but please make sure you have rights to use it in design.


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I have used hazeem_creatives repeatedly and I’m very pleased with the work. This time I had a special project outside of the original branding assignment and I was very grateful that I got great help with that as well. The communication is great and the delivery fast. Highly recommended.

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Custom Book Cover Design Service

If you are the author, or simply plan to be self-publishing your own eBooks, you will need the help of an expert in the Custom Book Cover Design Service. An artist, writer, designer, or professional copywriter can not do the book cover for you. You must have the skill in developing a manuscript that inspires readers and has a visual that is convincing enough to sell books. A custom book cover designed by an artist, writer, or copywriter using your specific ideas and concepts as a guide will bring out the best in your book. These professionals are trained in preparing manuscripts, having them edited, or having them redesigned so that your book will meet your expectations.

Custom Book Cover Design services include: Design of at least three initial cover concepts. Two more design concepts if desired, depending upon your feedback. Layout of the front, inside, and spine of the book to your specifications using your concepts as a guideline. Final printing of the final covers using your concepts as a guide.

The goal of this service is to make your publishing experience fun, exciting, and successful. Your manuscripts are a reflection of your personality and should reflect your creativity in presenting them. By having a professional finish printed on the front, inside, and spine of the book, you will create an enduring image in the minds of the readers. An expert in the custom book cover design service will provide you with numerous options to choose from, and your book will be ready to go before you know it!

Book back cover design

The book spine is one of the most important parts of the book and the most critical part of the marketing strategy for any kind of book whether it is written in HTML or plain text format. The spine comprises the bulk of the text of the book and forms the base of any kind of book cover design services. A good spine indicates the level of professionalism and attention to detail that went into the book’s production. So before you even think about outsourcing your book spine design work let us look at the different kinds of spine design that are available for your self publishing eBooks. First of all there is the image of a book cover created from a photograph or scanned image. There are professional artists who offer these services and you can contact them for quotations on image book spine design and other aspects of book cover design.

Another popular option is the self publishing eBook spine design service which involves the designer creating a graphic book cover from scratch using illustrations from a collection of scanned images. There are many companies that offer such services but as with the photography and illustrations used to create book covers, results vary widely. Most of the companies that offer these services will not be able to create a professional design that will satisfy even the toughest standards. The final product will consist of a series of JPEG images that can be combined to create a unique image and also incorporate text. The book back cover design services usually charge a fee of between eight hundred and twelve hundred US dollars. The price depends on the size of the book and the number of images required to create the graphic book cover.

So if you are contemplating the idea of self publishing an eBook with a fictional story then the best option is to find a professional book back cover design service. Such services usually have a team of artists and designers who are experienced in creating high quality graphic designs and illustrations suitable for publishing eBooks. If you are publishing a life-style based book, then these graphic designs will come in handy to depict the characters and aspects of the book in a more appealing manner.

self publishing cover design

The term “self publishing” can be defined as, for the purpose of selling a book, the process by which an author provides a book to the printer for it to be published. However, self publishing has its limitations, and when you publish your own eBook you need a cover design service to help you with that. If you publish your own eBook online you are in complete control of the content, graphics, fonts and colors used in the book cover. It is very difficult for other people to duplicate your work, and you will find that a lot of people will not even offer you their own eBook copy for sale.

The first thing that any potential customer will see is your book cover, and it is important that you make the best of it. If you can create a visually appealing book cover, then this will automatically draw the reader’s eye towards your book, and the book itself. A great book cover will attract lots of interest, and you will find that you can increase sales by quite a lot. There are a number of professional book cover design services that you can use to create an attractive design, and you can have an eBook cover designed in no time at all if you follow the instructions set out by the company. These companies usually have a range of templates available, and you can choose one from this list.

Once your eBook book cover is created, You need to create the book spine. The spine is the outer cover on the front of the book. You can do this yourself by following the instructions outlined by the company, or you can use the help of professional photographers to take the spine images. The spine image can give your eBook the needed recognition that will make the whole bookselling experience much easier for you.

If you are about to publish an eBook, you should know about drawing book cover design or self publishing spine. You should also know how you can deal with those people who offer professional services regarding the drawing book cover design or self publishing spine. It is true that there are lots of places where you can find drawing book cover design software or methods but it is very important for you to be careful when you choose the service provider. It is better for you to choose those service providers that are famous and reputable. This is because you may encounter some fraud and scam in the field.

ebook cover design services

There are many eBooks available in the market that need good graphic designing services and eBook cover design services are the most important to make an impressive presence on the web world. eBooks have become a part of people’s lives, just like the newspapers and magazines, but at the same time eBooks are comparatively cheaper than print books. In the online world, to sell a book you do not necessarily need to have your own printer, so you can easily outsource the book cover design services to professional designers who provide attractive, high quality graphic designs and the overall appearance of the book cover. One can easily find such service providers in his area through Google search.

Ebook covers are created in different ways and with different objectives. The main objective is the promotion of the book and making it popular among the readers. One can get great results in the process of ebook cover design services and this also helps one to promote the book in the first impression of the visitors. If the book is designed properly with good graphics, then it will surely attract the readers and they will read it with interest and after reading it; they will contact you to purchase the book. It is only after purchasing that they will be able to tell about its quality and recommend it to others.

You should choose the type of designs that suit the book and go for such designs only. Do not compromise with the quality of the graphics as even the best designed covers will not convince the visitors to buy a book if the graphics are not good. You can hire professionals for designing the cover of the book and they will provide you with the complete assistance to create amazing ebook covers. You can choose the colors for the book covers and can give the final touches to the ebook covers according to your taste and preferences. You can give the option of including the logo of your company or author on the cover and thus you will create amazing book covers of your own.

drawing book cover design Handmade

The self publishing industry is fast becoming a leader in the field of self improvement and as a result, many aspiring artists are discovering the joys of drawing from real life sketches, images and photographs to create their own book cover. One of the easiest ways to draw inspiration from real life sketches is to find sketches that can serve as a base for your handmade book cover. Some artists also prefer to draw actual book covers from real photographs. With a little skill and imagination, you can turn any photograph or sketch into your own unique handmade book cover or even ebook cover design. You will need to be creative enough to find some inspiration on what you would like to do with the photos or sketches but also be sure that you keep the copyright law in mind when drawing your masterpiece.

When you are creating a book cover or ebook spine design for your book, you will first need to choose the page design that you want to use. To help you with this, you will have a few options. You can either upload your image into a photo program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and begin the layout from there or you can save your image as a JPEG or PDF file. Once you have saved your file, you can either begin the search for an artist who can draw a custom book cover or ebook spine design for you can just go online to Google images and upload the image for free. If you do not have a good enough picture of your book or image, you may want to consider using a stock photo.

Most artists who specialize in art and drawing have web sites where they showcase the work of other artists. If you would like to see examples of their portfolio, you can search for them online. Most stock photography websites will allow you to download a copy of the images that they have on display. If you are looking for a more professional looking book cover or ebook spine design, most artists are happy to work on a custom design for you. If you do not have time to create the design yourself, but still want to use a custom book cover for your book, you can contact the artist through his website and he can usually give you an estimation of time required to complete the design.